Party is on at Barcamp. These will entertain you!

Entertainment barcamp


Micky Le Alem AcousticMicky – lead singer of Le Alem Acoustic (he will be joined by their lead guitarist)

DJ Jazzy Dave
Dj Jazzy Dave  (solo act, Vinyl ONLY & old school hip hop)
Ethiopian Records (Endeguena Mulu) – (Ethiopiawi Electronics + Electronics) – photo credit Mekbib Tadesse
and A- soothing tunes from all genres (opening for Le Alem on Friday)

Take Part Save Smart


Global Money Week (GMW) is an international Week, with many events, activities, projects, launches and competitions taking place in over 131 countries. What makes Global Money Week activities so exceptional is the active involvement of children and youth in the planning, organizing and actualization of events, as well as in the discussions and knowledge sharing opportunities that commence.We want to make sure that the opinions of the next generation are heard so that the decision makers of tomorrow may take active part in the policy discussions of today. Your participation brings the world one step closer to ensuring that every child and youth will have access to economic education, the opportunity to use financial services, a reliable source of income, and the ability to develop money-managing skills. Every year, entire communities take action to create awareness, challenge out of date financial policies and give young people the tools and inspiration they need to shape their own future. GMW takes place annually, during the second week of March.

Discover talents


Stavimer is a social network for people to share and discover talents near them and from their friends. Spend with us a friendly artistic afternoon at Barcamp. You are welcome to share whatever talent you think you’ve got; whether it’s Dance, music, circus, poem and alike with the Stavimer community. Let’s celebrate different styles, people and Art together with drinks, good food and good souls 🙂

Session Ad: Youth and Voluntarism

Rotaract in Ethiopia


As part of its program for mentoring the young, Rotary International established Rotaract Club composed of youth aged 18-30 as part of its community. There are 15 Rotaract clubs in Ethiopia which are active associations of volunteers that work on different projects ranging from education, disease prevention up to environmental protection developing their professional and leadership skills in the process with various programs such as hands-on trainings and youth exchange programs. Rotaractors will have a discussion on youth participation in self and community development.

Summary of Past years Barcamp Ethiopia Topics

In the past Barcamp Ethiopia events various topics have been discussed. Here are some of those previously discussed topics for your reference.

  • Google App engine & python programming
  • Adaptive technology for visually impaired
  • Telework in Ethiopia for development for PWD
  • Identity & Peer group-Pressure
  • Cloud computing, mobile apps & services
  • Intercultural dialogue
  • Benefits of participatory community planning
  • Optimal & secure network centric computing architecture
  • Female role-models
  • Digital Campus eLearning at Mekelle University
  • Yoga (practical)
  • Ethiopic gMail & Web search
  • Networking & eLearning prof. association
  • Open street map
  • Mobile application development
  • Restoration of old buildings

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Session Ad: Hopeful River Project

teresaWater is life, and everyone has a right to life. Yet, access to clean water remains a privilege that many don’t share. Instead, water-borne diseases, lack of hygiene, the destruction of livelihood opportunities and environmental degradation due to contaminated water remain prevalent – these are problems that do not have to be! The Hopeful River Project was born out of the urgent necessity to improve the current status quo – drop by drop – by making clean water available to communities and farmers and reducing human impact along the Tinishu Akaki River. Together with our beneficiaries, we intend to clean up the river with a multi-tier approach: By raising awareness to pollution, giving technical support and offering sustainable alternatives. Come find out what we do exactly and how you can give support! Be part of our team and help our cause – getting water to the people!


Session Ad: Social Innovation for Water

Social Innovation for Water

Everyone understands the need for improving access to clean water for those who don’t currently have it, but there is a strong social component to walking for water.  As the world continues to develop and improve infrastructure access, what cultural aspects will be lost if we don’t adequately address them?  Triple Bottom Line Enterprises will host a discussion about how we engage communities to find out what social benefits they feel they will lose and how organizations can incorporate that into infrastructure planning.

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