Finalizing Barcamp Ethiopia Organization

For the last couple of months we have been thinking of Barcamp a lot and how to make it great. The core planners, sponsors and volunteers are making the barcamp event a reality quite in a few days.

We have seen very promising response from both the community and sponsors so far. Thanks! This is community organization event. Barcamp is a practical example to show that it is possible to collaborate, work together and create a bigger picture by putting different pieces together. That’s why we love Barcamp.

On Thursday, 6:00p.m. the band will be on the stage. Volunteers who wear Barcamp Ethiopia t-shirts will lead you to the hall for a good opening party.

On Friday morning, everyone will come together to AAiT (5kilo Campus, Opposite of National museum ) to kick of the event. We are going to place a registration desk for pre-registered participants and for new comers. Shortly after welcoming everyone to the event, we will get together to the main hall. The first few minutes will be moderated for smooth communication by the core group. But the stage is open for everyone to talk and interact.

The same is true on Saturday. Great sessions will be forwarded by participants from Ethiopia and overseas. Evening entertainment programs all in place.

You can expect the most relaxing environment in Barcamp Ethiopia 2011 event. We believe in individuals. We believe in active community who can make a big difference in the society. We love new ideas, crazy thoughts, doable projects and people who know how to have fun. We want to see diversity. We want to see things happening. We want to see positive minded people collaborate each other for a better future.

The field seem greener, it is upto YOU to play on it!

— the planners team!


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