Barcamp Ethiopia 2012 is on!

Barcamp Ethiopia 2012 is the third large Barcamp to be organized in Ethiopia, the follow-up to last two years successful Barcamp at EiABC and AAiT in Addis.

A Barcamp is a sort of “unconference” (BAR= “Beyond All Recognition”): It is organized and administered not by an institution or a company, but by an open community of interested individuals. It has no pre-structured program – everything is planned and coordinated through a web-based public Wiki (the page you are visiting right now) and other online tools where anyone can post ideas and participate actively through collaboration. So far, over 400 Barcamps have been held all over the world with different thematic focus, also in several other African countries.

The planning and preparation of Barcamp Ethiopia will be coordinated through this wiki-page and the “BarCamp Ethiopia” group in theNING-Platform “eLearning Ethiopia”: and Barcamp Ethiopia Facebook Group

Everything you need to know about Barcamp and how to involve you will get it in the wiki page. Follow this link


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