Barcamp Ethiopia 2013

Yes! We will do it again this year.

Barcamp Ethiopia will be held for the 4th time now (Yay!). The last three barcamps were exceptionally cool and we all made it the best tech event in Ethiopia. Now, the planners are talking about how to make the next barcamp even more interesting. Join the conversation.

Today, we officially launch the preparation. Give your suggestions from the very beginning.

As of today. No one knows, when? where? Barcamp Ethiopia 2013 will be. We (everyone) will decide the theme and the sponsors.

Today’s message is! We are up & officially  launch the Barcamp Ethiopia 2013!

One comment

  1. enbakom

    ok here is a thing i have been trying to get to bar camp since ever but i couldn’t cause there is no enough info on how to register so please clearly give the info how to register and participate

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