Summary of Past years Barcamp Ethiopia Topics

In the past Barcamp Ethiopia events various topics have been discussed. Here are some of those previously discussed topics for your reference.

  • Google App engine & python programming
  • Adaptive technology for visually impaired
  • Telework in Ethiopia for development for PWD
  • Identity & Peer group-Pressure
  • Cloud computing, mobile apps & services
  • Intercultural dialogue
  • Benefits of participatory community planning
  • Optimal & secure network centric computing architecture
  • Female role-models
  • Digital Campus eLearning at Mekelle University
  • Yoga (practical)
  • Ethiopic gMail & Web search
  • Networking & eLearning prof. association
  • Open street map
  • Mobile application development
  • Restoration of old buildings

  • Cloud computing, mobile service & ICT4D
  • Knowledge & outsourcing
  • Achieving goals through positive thinking & collaboration
  • Social network
  • The role of ICT in open & distance education (open university sudan)
  • One book for one person
  • Open educational resources
  • Maintaining quality in elearning
  • eTeaching experience of adama university
  • Open source in ethiopia
  • Using powerpoint & camtasia in lectures
  • Localization & diversity
  • Preserving ethiopian natural heritage / ethiopian heritage trust
  • inovative approaches to mainstream HIV / AIDS into higher education system
  • The role of innovation & entrepreneurship in promoting business
  • Greenstone library automation
  • Using moodle for teachers (sudan)
  • Architecture and photography: preserving our history through images
  • Improving women/girl enrollment in the ICT sector
  • The wisdom of crowds
  • Ethiopianism
  • Tele-Health in Ethiopia
  • How to bring about developmental revolution /evolution to Ethiopia through IT and education
  • Travel the world for free: Couchsurfing
  • The importance of active tech community
  • Luckhunters: “The Luck Hunters”: a reality TV program about two guys from Mendoza, Argentina, who travel around the world
  • Crowdfunding, a method for financing creative projects & startups
  • Google + / Opportunities for developers/techies with Google – Google
  • Android Development  – Localization Amharic and other Ethiopian languages
  • Women in media
  • Entrepreneurship in Ethiopia
  • The impact of Pornography
  • Rights of domestic violence in Ethiopia
  • Using smartphones to improve maternal health
  • Hot Trends in Tech (the cloud, cyber security, mobile computing, FOSS)
  • Views on ICT Education in Ethiopia
  • The Internet and You
  • What my art talk about?
  • Localization of open library system software
  • Major events in the last decade
  • Your Sexual Health
  • Localization of Content Management Systems. Standardized translations for Typo3 and other CMS like Joomla. Amharic content as a new approach for modern website design.
  • Psycho-cybernetics, Da vinchian wisdoms and practices, Meditation and Positive thinking
  • Protected areas
  • New Media in Education
  • Artificial Intellegence, Nanotechnology and Time machine
  • Making our playgrounds green







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