What is it?

barcampPic Barcamp Ethiopia 2013 For the forth consquetive years, Barcamp Ethiopia is organized in Addis Ababa. What is Barcamp? It is unconference (open event) organized and administered not by an institution or a company, but by an open community of interested individuals. It has no pre-structured program – everything is planned and coordinated through a web-based public Wiki (website) and other online tools where anyone can post ideas and participate actively through collaboration. What makes it different? The event is designed to openly entertain ideas from anyone. Barcamp gives chances for everyone to talk about their ideas, projects, personal adventures and dreams! THE MOTTO FOR 2013 IS: “open community | open culture | open future “ DATE: 6th- 7th , December 2013 PLACE: Goethe institute , 6 kilo Follow this blog for more info – more importantly, contribute something important to the community today!! barcamp11pic



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