Session Ad: Toastmasters International

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Toastmaster will host a session on Public Speaking.

Session lead by: M Besufekad Mekuria – President of the Blue Nile Toastmasters


Session Ad: Social Innovation for Water

Social Innovation for Water

Everyone understands the need for improving access to clean water for those who don’t currently have it, but there is a strong social component to walking for water.  As the world continues to develop and improve infrastructure access, what cultural aspects will be lost if we don’t adequately address them?  Triple Bottom Line Enterprises will host a discussion about how we engage communities to find out what social benefits they feel they will lose and how organizations can incorporate that into infrastructure planning.

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Session Ad : Ankeboot


The session will be given by a nomad publishing house called Ankeboot. The session will be a playful exploration of the work we have been doing trying to create a community of artists and writers in the city and the role he public plays as recipients and subject of art works.

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Registration is now open for Barcamp 2016

Here is another great Barcamp event in Addis Ababa. Please follow this link to register:

Happy Camping!


The Guideline: 

What is a BarCamp?

Barcamp is an international network of user generated conferences — open, participatory workshop-events, whose content is provided by participants —

Totally different to regular conferences, BarCamps are more open and less structured. This means, when you arrive, you’re going to see a white board with empty time table, where you can jot down what you’d like to talk about. It’s an opportunity for people from all backgrounds and all skill levels to have a go at sharing some knowledge.

 How can I prepare?

  • Have a think about the general theme of the event & associated topics that interest you: Could you talk about any experiences you’ve had, questions you’ve answered by either successfully completing a project or, if you’re brave, through a failure you’ve gone through.
  • Look at the list of attendees, which should be public at Barcamp Ethiopia registration page. Anyone you want to meet and get to know? The day will fly by so be sure to go say hi at the first opportunity!
  • Have an open mind: Join a session on a topic you know nothing about, play a game with new friends or start a conversation with the next stranger you meet.
  • Arrive on time: Come early if you want/can help with registration and setup, but don’t show up too late or you might miss on some of the social activity and goodies.

Tackling your first presentation

Presentation slots are generally 45 – 60 minutes, so you don’t need to do a doctorate thesis. It’s definitely not all about monologuing in front of the group for the full half-hour, it’s about sharing your experiences, asking others to pitch in with ideas or just leading a useful conversation.

  • Present something simple that people with less experience, who are new to the topic, might be interested in.
  • Not sure what level of knowledge others will have? Present something completely wild and silly (“how to make the perfect margarita”, “how to build a helicopter with waste material”, “how to dance Salsa”)
  • Nervous about being in front of people? Do a shared presentation with someone who complements your skills well. You’ll have someone to lean on when you’re not sure what to say next, and it’s more fun together.

If I don’t really want to make a presentation?

Still getting cold feet? You can still help in a number of ways. The organisers are volunteers and (generally) have only two hands each. So if you’re not too keen on doing a presentation, why not lend a hand with registration, coffee breaks, cleaning up or setting up the sound system?

Documentation is one way to participate. Record a video and upload it on youtube, write a blog about the sessions. Tweet regularly; use the hash tag of the theme. Take pictures and guide some people when you feel they are lost.

What do I need to pack?

It is a two full day’s event. You need to pack certain items that you might use at barcamp.

  • Laptop if you want to blog or take notes during the event. Don’t forget your charger (and adaptor) your screen adaptor if you need to plug into a projector.
  • Business cards:  more cards come highly recommended. Make sure you have somewhere safe to store the cards you’re given.
  • Scribble notebook & pen: You might not want to have your laptop out at all times, so pen and paper is essential.
  • Power extension: If you can, bring a power bar to plug into the much-coveted few outlets. It’ll allow more people to benefit from power during the day.
  • Video/photo camera: Immortalize the day in video and photos. Be sure to upload your content and tag it with the event’s hashtags (eg. #bce13)
  • Money:  It is advisable to bring some cash to buy food & drinks.
  • Materials: Bring your presentation or demo (if you have one) on a USB stick.

*: most of the content of this gridline is taken from a website “that Canadian girl archive”

Share Your Uniqueness


Barcamp Ethiopia will be held for the fifth times in Addis Ababa on June 17 & 18, 2016 at Goethe Institute. The last four Barcamp events were successful and attracted a total of 1500 participants from different part of the world. As the last four Barcamp events, everyone is welcome to attend and take an active part in the preparation and realization of the Barcamp Ethiopia 2016. The theme of this year’s Barcamp is: Share your uniqueness

In a changing world, we have many environmental, cultural, and economical shifts. Barcamp Ethiopia 2016 is a platform to create dialogues in these important shifts we have as a community and individually.

As opposed to regular conferences, a Barcamp is organized and held not by organizations or a company, but by an open community of interested individuals, who gather around common topics to exchange ideas and experiences in an informal setting. Barcamp has no pre-structured program. The actual topics for the conference-sessions and discussions are collected by everyone on the morning of the first conference day. At any time the agenda can be changed and every participant is encouraged to actively contribute to the sessions. In general, Barcamp are characterized by an atmosphere of non-hierarchy, openness, sharing, creativity, efficiency and fun.

BAR = “Beyond All Recognition”. More than 500 Barcamps have been held all over the world with different thematic focus, also in several African countries. Every Barcamp is individual. To understand Barcamp, attend it and be part of an open community!

Sponsors are very welcome to help make Barcamp Ethiopia a success. By sponsoring a specific item, like food, drinks, sound system, entertainment etc., your institutions or business will be associated with a creative and forward-thinking context. We encourage you to come with your innovate way to be part of it. Most organizations test their new products and services, introduce themselves in a creative way, and host a sessions inside Barcamp.

On return, we will thank you for your sponsorship by presenting your logo on various web-based platforms, printed promotional materials, participants t-shirt and your name will mentioned in communications before, during and after the event.

Barcamp Ethiopia is a new thinking and acting in Ethiopia. Be a part of active community.